Meet Our Founders

Our diverse team of film aficionados is driven to create captivating stories that leave a lasting impact.



Jay Alani is a versatile house of talent. He is a professional paranormal investigator, an author, a filmmaker, a media professional, Tedx Speaker, Pod-caster. Besides his extensive experience spanning several years across multiple domains, Jay has been a leader in the Hindi paranormal space and is delving into active filmmaking. His vision is to create a new world order in the genre of entertainment space with a unique storytelling experience to the global audience.



Harin is a mix of corporate and creative backdrop. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world, he found his calling in the creative space. With more than a decade and half of experience in the writing domain, Harin has dabbled in various roles in the film industry with the core expertise being writing and content management. Owing to his past background, Harin is currently associated with different enterprises such as Media, Corporate, Brand Building and Cinema.

Production & Business

Prabhu Teja

Prabhu Teja brings a wealth of experience from a corporate background, specializing in Payments, Financial Operations, and Process Management. He holds the Six Sigma certification in this domain. Leveraging his extensive expertise, he transitioned into the entertainment industry as an Executive Producer at Claps & Whistles Entertainments, where he successfully took care of production of film projects. Currently, Prabhu Teja oversees the exhibition wing at UV Creations, one of South India’s most renowned production houses. His profound interest and deep expertise in both cinema and the business of entertainment empower him to make strategic financial decisions that align with investor interests, driving success for Capgras.

Meet our Team members

Introducing the remarkable individuals who make up our exceptional team.

Marko Roshan


Marko is an exceptional talent tower of Film productions, a highly qualified and experienced individual who knows the art of productions meticulously. His foundation “KAF productions” is one of the leading production houses in Northern India. With his outstanding International relations, he envisages to be global.

Priyanka Singh


Priyanka, A Doctor by profession and a creative bird at heart. She developed a strong passion for story-telling, cine-productions and film-making over the years. Coming from a health professional background, she understands how important humans and their stories are. Passionate for creative space, she is currently giving her arts and imaginations the much needed wings.

Karan Arora

Executive Producer

Karan Arora is an experienced film executive producer and entrepreneur, widely known for his visionary approach towards creating top-notch content in the North Indian film industry. He is the founder of Yellow Sky Films which started in 2011 and became one of the leading production houses in North India in a short span.

Gaurav Kumar

Line Producer​

Gaurav Kumar is a highly qualified line producer, director, and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience. His expertise is in the domain of casting, shooting planning, scout shooting locations, and overall management, with proven presence across North India. He found Yellow Sky Films with Karan Arora in the year 2011, which has since become one of the most successful production houses in North India.

Deepak K Mishra

Associate Director

Deepak Mishra is a fervent Film Associate Director. He is adept at planning, management and his presence of mind has aided in timely completion of complex shoots in several instances. More than six years of industry experience grace his repertoire with artistry and technical prowess converging in each project he charts.

Doorva Shrivastava

Assistant Director/Storyboard Artist

Doorva Shrivastava is a young, passionate, meticulous, and an energetic Assistant Director having strong knowledge and practical exposure on managing departments of production. Her talent surfaces at juggling multiple instructions with good interpersonal and communication skills. Doorva has a strong penchant towards creative space with a good grip on coming up with effective narrative visuals.

Yogi Christopher


Yogi Christopher is a highly skilled video editor who breathes life into stories with captivating visuals. With eight years of industry experience, his craft is honed to the finest. His proficiency lies in merging the narrative structure with his editing skills ensuring a visually stellar outcome. His sharp eye for detail on the edit table creates a captivating and swift product leaving no room for lag.

Abhishek Verma

Digital Head

A young, dynamic professional brimming with confidence, coming with an experience of over 7 years in the Digital Marketing world.
Dropped out of college to pursue his passion, started career as marketing professional in F&B industry and then gradually progressing to Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing and Brand Promotions.

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